7 Ways to Sell More Dessert

7 Ways to Sell More Dessert

Everyone loves decadent, delicious dessert, but not everyone gives themselves permission to treat themselves. You can help entice them by following these 7 Ways to Sell More Dessert:

Use dining room supplies to appealingly display your desserts.

There are many ways to merchandise desserts so that your diners will be tempted. Use your dining room supplies to your advantage. For example use dining room supplies like display cases, cake stands, serving bowls, dessert plates or beautiful display domes to merchandize your desserts. Another way to whet diners’ appetites is to have your servers personally bring samples of the desserts to the table using a display cart or serving tray.

Stay on top of dessert trends.

Pies, cupcakes, olive oil desserts and artisan chocolates are all hot trends that can pique the interest of diners. Serve them up on a beautiful dessert plate, bowl or other dinnerware to add to the appeal.

Add fresh, seasonal delights.

Take advantage of what’s in season. Incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients with delicious scents and flavors that diners don’t get to enjoy all the time. This limited availability can make the dessert special and more enticing to order.

Offer health conscious options.

People who have health or weight concerns still love dessert and should not be left out. Simply add low calorie, low fat, low sugar or gluten free options to your menu for diners with special dietary requirements. They’ll appreciate the extra attention by ordering more.

Make it easy to share.

Small bites or things like cookies, chocolates or something decadent that is easy to share makes it more fun and acceptable for people who want to indulge but don’t have the room after a big meal for a dessert by themselves. Just make sure you have the right plates or dinnerware to make it easy to share.

Offer thoughtful service.

Servers who know the dessert menu, who have tasted the desserts themselves and can be enthusiastic about the desserts will sell more. People also like it when desserts are semi-prepared for them on the table by the server. Try having the server add a sauce or serve things up on the appropriate plates, bowls or other dinnerware right at the table to create a moment. These special touches can increase dessert enjoyment as well as the server’s tips.

Use beautiful dessert plates and other dinnerware.

Remember:  people eat with their eyes. Make sure you have beautiful dessert or dinnerware to serve your desserts on. Dessert plates, parfait cups, dessert bowls, soufflé ramekins are some of the more typical types of dinnerware to use. For ideas contact your restaurant supplier. They can recommend dining room supplies and dinnerware to suit your establishment and menu.

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