Modern Dinnerware Sets Trends

Modern Dinnerware Sets Trends

The modern dinnerware sets in your restaurant sets the tone and ambiance for your diners. Below are some of the emerging modern dinnerware sets trends that you should consider when you are decking out your tabletop.

Multi-purpose tabletop pieces. Think out of the box. Give a new twist to traditional tabletop pieces. Bowls, ramekins, vases and more can all be used for different purposes.

All white dinnerware sets. White goes with anything and it gives you a blank canvas. Using white dinnerware sets as your foundation you can easily change the decor or mood of your restaurant on a seasonal basis by simply changing out your table linen, flowers and other items.

It’s hip to be square. Modern dinnerware sets doesn’t have to be round anymore. Square dinner plates help create a modern tone. Other stylish and trendy tableware to consider: eye-shaped, triangular and rectangular plates.

Flatware goes to the matt. Matt, rustic-looking, hammered and pewter finishes give a solid feeling of yesteryear and add a comforting feel to any table top.

Artisan flare in tableware. Handcrafted looks, rustic pottery and finishes that evoke a feeling of coziness and comfort are finding their way to the table top. That handcrafted look also reflects a trend toward more organic, earth-conscious dining.