Restaurant Cleaning Tips

Restaurant Cleaning Tips

For many diners, the cleanliness of a restaurant is more important than how good the food tastes. It’s no wonder with all the reports of foodbourne illnesses. When they come into your restaurant people expect the food to be served using clean dishes, flatware and glassware and the facilities to be clean and sanitary.

Are your tableware and facilities keeping up to your customers’ cleanliness standards?

Follow these tips for cleaning tableware to help ensure your tableware is sparkling clean and sanitary.

Commercial dishwashers: You can use a chemical sanitizing dishwasher or a hot water sanitizing dishwasher to clean your tableware. When using a commercial dishwashers or glass washers follow state and local health department requirements and the manufacturer’s instructions. Then use the appropriate cleaning and sanitation supplies to make sure your dishes, flatware and glassware are clean, shiny and sanitary.

Hand washing dishes:  If you do not have a commercial dishwasher, you need to follow sanitary processes for hand washing dishes. This is a three-step process: wash, rinse and sanitize. Most restaurants will use a three-compartment sink to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes. Sanitizing can be done with the use of either hot water at the proper temperature or chemical sanitizers at the appropriate concentrations. Once dishes are washed and sanitized, use gloves or clean hands to handle the dishes and air dry in a clean location.


Diners also pay close attention to the rest of your restaurant. Your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, tables, reception area all need to be clean to give a good impression.

To ensure everything is up to your customers’ standards follow your local health department cleaning and sanitation requirements and maintain a strict cleaning schedule. To make it as easy as possible on your staff, keep restaurant cleaning supplies and janitorial supplies stocked. The proper tools will make the staff’s job much easier and will help keep your establishment sparkling. Some of the typical restaurant cleaning supplies to keep on hand may include:

Brushes and squeegees
Dishwashing detergent
Dust pans and sweepers
Floor signs
Glass detergent
Griddle pads and cleaners
Scouring pads
Waste receptacles
Window cleaners

By following these simple tips for tableware cleaning and restaurant cleaning, your restaurant should stay clean, sanitary and looking appealing to your customers. To stock up on cleaning supplies, contact a restaurant supplier.

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